Types of Research Studies

This section reviews the purpose of research studies and types of research studies, including clinical treatment trials, observational studies, and quality of life studies.

The purpose of research studies in CCIR is to learn more about the condition in a controlled way. The only way to understand a condition is to study people who have it. Scientists use these studies to understand more about the cause of conditions and to test new treatments to determine if they are better than ones currently being used. It is important to study these things in a group of people with the same condition rather than in just one person, because the results from a group can help scientists better predict whether the treatment will work for other people with the condition.  Not all research studies have the same goals. It is important to understand the question the researchers are trying to answer when deciding whether to participate, or if you want your child to participate. There are different types of research studies, including those that follow people with the condition for years to learn more about it (observation trials) and studies that test new treatments to determine if they are better than older treatments (clinical treatment trials). It is important to ask the study coordinator or principal investigator questions about the goal of the study and the likelihood of getting benefits during and after the study.